Friday, 15 February 2013

And so it begins.....

Gone in a heartbeat......

Moments....opportunities, feelings, time, possessions, pets, people and life.  All can be here one second, and gone the next.  Life is full of twists and turns, calm and stormy, good and bad, up and down....sliding doors.  Life is all about living in the moment, enjoying all you can, living life to the fullest, enjoying the small things and making the best out of bad situations - all cliched maybe, but all true.  I want to share my heartbeats with you and hopefully make you smile a little, think a little, appreciate what you have and occasionally bore you with some of my attempts at moments in time. 

As a newb blogger, and as I begin on this unknown, somewhat exciting journey, I hope to make my own heartbeats a little more worthwhile. And even if I am the only benefactor, it's still a bonus.  Come with me, let's wade into deeper seas as we tread water in this ocean of bought floaties right?

Disclaimer: I apologise from the outset for any future blogs that are rants or raves, possibly kooky and maybe a little melancholic but to quote Popeye - "I yam what I yam!" And this apology is only if it bores you, it is after all only my opinion and, I will never apologise for WHO I yam....I mean, am :)

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