Monday, 13 May 2013

And you thought I had forgotten....

Well, this is my tenth blog...a milestone so to speak.  Who knows how long I will continue to entertain, humour...bore :) and in my first blog I mentioned occasionally subjecting you to my poetry...and I think the time has come.

I love music...and all kinds of music.  For me it is the emotional voyage that music takes you on.  It might be the words, it might be the riff, it might be a particular melody, but it is always about the emotional journey it takes me on.  And that is why I like and enjoy songs from all genres and styles.  From classical, to 50's, 60's and across all the years to modern, rap and even some country.  The key for me is the feeling that the song conjures up.  Sometimes this is because the song is attached to a particular memory, or occasion - like the Split Enz song "I Got You" always reminds me of Friday nights roller skating when I was a teenager.  The thumping beat, the lowered lights, the heady mix of teenage boys and girls.  The be all and end all of my life at the time.  The music of the 80's is my favourite as this was the most impressionable time of my it is with many.

And so it is the same for my poetry.  I write on emotions and things that have happened to me, or impressions I have at the time, things I have seen, heard, experienced and felt.  So a lot of it is very personal.  There are also large tracks of time, years in fact, when I have written nothing at all...I guess I was far too busy, and never had enough quiet, contemplative time.

I would like to share one of my early attempts written around 1985-86.  I hope you enjoy....

My heart murmured the first time I saw you
As our eyes met
And smiled
And then my heart was still.

The second time I saw you my heart whispered
As our voices
Laughed in harmony
And enjoyment
And then my heart was still.

The third time
My heart spoke
And I listened.
And when we parted
My heart would not be still.
And as the days passed
I heard of love and contentment
And I knew that what I was hearing was true.

And each time we met
Our hearts conversed
Until we longer
Listen to their shouting
So we came together
As one.

Thank you for reading :)

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