Friday, 24 May 2013

If I lay here.....

Sometimes we are only as strong as our supporters.  And sometimes our friends, are only as strong as those that support them.  And so we are caught up in the support/be supported merry go round.  Sometimes we are the supportees...sometimes we are the supported.  But what are we best suited to?  I know, without a doubt, I am a better supporter than a supportee.  I can offer advice and support to many people, but when it comes to my own weaknesses, I don't like to ask for help.  I would rather struggle and battle to sort things myself, than ask a friend for help.  And I don't know if that is a pride thing...I guess it is.  But bottom line is I would rather help people than ask for help myself.  And on the flip side, there are people that would rather take help, than offer help themselves....the needy I guess.  It doesn't mean they are lesser people, just that we all have different needs, and ways of obtaining those needs. 

I guess it is very much like economics.... supply and demand.  If there is a demand for something...then there must be a supply for that demand. If there is a demand for support...then support is offered, through family, friends and services.  But if there is no cry for help...then supply is not offered.  And that is where people like me fall between the cracks...unable to ask for help when needed and unable to accept help when offered due to our own stubborn selves - which is entirely our own fault.  And it is very hard to work out if one of your friends is in need, but too stubborn to ask for or accept help...they don't do themselves any favours that is for sure.  I know from experience.

The bottom line is you should never take any of  your friends or family on face value...and definitely not on the face they portray.  Some of those closest to you may be in dire need of help....but unable to ask for it.  Responses to sincere questions, really listening to conversation, and just watching behaviour can all be huge giveaways...if you really look.  Offer help in a way they can accept, or just be more forceful, sometimes that works....but more often doesn't.

But sometimes those people that are the strongest...seem the strongest
Just need to know that someone is the background...willing to help if needed.

If I just lay here......would you lie with me....and just forget the world.....

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