Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Happy Birthday....

I had the beginnings of a whole new blog starting to unfold in my head.....then....I realised it was one of my best friends birthdays...and the day is nearly over...I am devastated!  How did I not know??  How could I have forgotten???  Am I the worst friend ever????  I tried to call....I sent a fb message....I trawled through hundreds of REALLY bad e-cards...then I thought, the best present I can ever really give my friend, anytime...is to let that person know I was thinking of them, whole heartedly, sincerely, compassionately and with so much love on today...their special day. 

We live half a country apart, don't talk as often as I would like (always my fault...I am terrible at keeping in touch) but I know, without a doubt, and with my hand on my heart, that this best friend is a real keeper.  I know he is definitely a kindred spirit and that we have crossed paths in former lives.  He always makes me feel amazing and so special.  With him I feel so relaxed, so at ease, so myself....a feeling I never have with any other person I know.  With him I feel I can be so totally myself...no pretentions....no false persona....no expectations....no demands.  He accepts me for who I am and I love him for it.  There really is no better, true friend, that one who make you feel like yourself....warts and all...and he is one. 

I wish...with all my heart...that I could be with him today on his birthday, but he is in my heart and thoughts every day and I hope he knows that. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about him or miss him in one way or another and I know you must be thinking...."you must have known him for a long time"...but no, I haven't...only a few years...not very long really in the scheme of things....but long enough for him to imprint himself in my life, my world, my inner beat.  He is one of a privileged few...only three others have managed to do the same...and I have known them longer....they are all women.....and only two are still living.

He doesn't know I have been writing a blog.  Since my first post...I have thought of him..and what he would think...but I haven't had the nerve to tell him...but now that time has come...and so this is my present to him.  I don't want life to pass me by without having the chance to tell people how important they are to me....Toddums, I love you. Happy Birthday! And Thank You for allowing me to be me.

Happy Birthday...Mr President.....

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