Monday, 15 April 2013

It's a wide, wide world....

The world is an amazing, amazing place. And it works on so many different levels.  There is the natural, evolutionary role where nature has it's own ebb and flow, and the natural world goes along on it's own time frame and agenda.  Without human exposure, the natural world would continue to expand and control itself depending on resources and environment.  The strong survive and the weak do not. Mother nature is cruel.  Mother nature does not need humans to exist.

In the economic world...the strong survive and continue to prosper....and the weak, do not...but for very different reasons.  To survive in the economic world you very much have to be the stronger.  And the main ingredient in bringing people down in the economic world is...their own mind.  The lack of confidence in themselves or their product is undoubtedly their own undoing.  Those that have the most confidence in themselves and their products, are those that continue to grow and expand. You only have to look at brand names and bottom lines to realise that.  Human nature is cruel.  Human nature needs humans to exist.

And then there is the spiritual...there are no arguments on how rich religion has become.  For all the vows of poverty the "church's" seems to continue to grow and prosper.  But there is much more to spirituality than religion and church.  I,  myself, feel very spiritual, but in no way attach myself to any church or act of religion.  I feel very close to nature and the ebb and flow of the seasons and life itself.  This in itself, makes me feel one with the earth, but not "Catholic" or "Protestant" or "Orthodox" or "Muslim" or "Buddhist" or "Hindu" or "Occultist" or any other "religion".  Shouldn't "religion" be a state of mind rather than "what I follow"??   "Religion" has a lot to answer to in the past.  I believe very strongly in treating people how I would like to be treated.  And that....Karma is a bitch!  What comes around...goes around!

But what about people who aren't animals, who aren't business people, who aren't spiritual....who are just trying to survive, trying to make ends meet, getting food on the table, getting children clothed, getting through to the next centre link dole payment?  Well, aren't they just trying to survive in their own little "world"? It may not be the natural world, the economic world, the spiritual world, but it is the them. 

When does humanity reach rock bottom? 

I hope I never have to find out...naturally, economically or spiritually.

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